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Could Your Employees’ Use a Productivity Boost?

Its common for office workers to feel tired in the afternoon. But this can be a serious problem if it affects their productivity. That is why many offices are starting to encourage short power-naps to combat drowsiness.

NASA sleep researchers have found that a nap of just 26 minutes can boost performance by 34 percent. Another NASA study found that napping significantly increases “working memory”, the ability to focus attention on one task while holding other tasks in memory, which is critical when performing complex work.

This is why more and more colleges and offices are starting to have nap-pods available. They are noticing the benefits short power-naps have on productivity. Such as, lower stress levels, improved ability to concentrate, and enhanced mood.

Recently a study done by the National Health Service in the UK has found another technique for improving alertness and productivity. Its called a coffee-nap and it entails exactly what the name suggests – drinking an average cup of strong coffee followed by a short 15-20 minute nap. This method has proven to be the most effective because the caffeine in coffee take approximately 20 minutes to activate in the body. So that when you wake up from your nap, the caffeine is just starting to take effect, giving you a two pronged attack for fighting off drowsiness. has created an easy to follow step-by-step guide for taking a coffee nap. Check it out below.


Transport of Goods and Supply Chain

In the supply chain, logistics represents the bridge between the site of production and the place of consumption. The role played by means in freight transport is crucial to the society and our daily habits.

As end-consumers, we are so used to find any kind of goods everywhere that we do not even wonder how products end up in our hands. Our everyday items are the results of efficient fleet management and well-functioning organisation of goods transport.

In this connection, the infographic provided by Market Inspector shows interesting data, did you knows and pros and cons about the transportation of goods.

Transportation of Goods

Tips For Successful Customer Retention

You probably already know that customer retention is more economic and valuable for your business than attracting new consumers all the time. But how can you make them to come back again? There has been a lot of focus on online communication in the past years and it will continue. Thanks to this trend, the face to face communication is becoming more and more unique and valuable. This is just a hint of what the infographic below is dealing with.

The latest consumer trends were collected by Epossystemsguide that is an ePOS systems supplier and provider of free quotes.
Read more below and become more attractive on the competitive retail market industry!

7 Tips How to Make Customers Fall in Love With You

What to know about starting a business


We have all heard about the American dream which presents the idea that freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility is achieved through hard work. I am one of those dreamers who have a dream about making it in this world, and achieving something of my own once in my lifetime. The thought is really tempting, as it implies a kind of freedom in being your own boss, an opportunity to create a name for yourself, and of course the prospect of riches and fortunes. The world is open for everyone after all, so what is there to lose?

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