Faster than express


Can it be faster than express and how is this possible? Does your technician waste precious time by handling spare parts, driving them to the customer and driving the broken parts back to the company, don’t worry there is hope. New modern logistic companies are making the waste time disappear. Read this article if you want to know how you can minimize wasted time due to long waiting time for spare parts.

The right logistics

Technicians should spend time on repairing, not on driving for spare parts. To make this possible the company needs to get the spare parts delivered, but then the technician would still have to pick them up before going to the customers. Besides this, delivery of a spare part normally takes around 24 hours to get delivered.

Effective and modern logistics has solved this puzzle and you don’t have to lift a finger to get the benefits of fast delivery and less of the technicians time will be wasted.

While your technician is asleep, modern delivery companies like Danx, will deliver your spare parts to the technicians service car. All they need is the car key and they will sure that the spare parts will be in the car, before the technician comes to work.

This delivery method will save you a huge amount of wasted time, due to the fact that your technician won’t have to wait for the parts or have to go get them himself.

Day and night

These companies don’t only deliver at night, they just as well deliver in the daytime if you have an emergency. They are ready every minute of the day, to help you get exactly the parts you need to continue your work, fast as possible. Within 15 from your purchase, the spare part will be ready for you and you can either pick it up or let the company deliver the part with an express car.

But we get our parts from other countries? This is not a problem, whereas normal delivery services will ask you to wait 24 hours, these new modern logistics companies will make sure that you will have your parts within 12 hours. They are able to do the delivery fast, because they not only use cars but airplanes to move the parts when they are far away.

Don’t let spare parts waste your time, let professionnel delivery companies with modern logistics, make sure that you have your parts exactly when you need them.

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