The importance of giving your opinion

Having internet access allows us to give our opinion on a vast range of subjects that interest us. Giving our opinion is important as it is a way to define ourselves and set ourselves apart from everyone else; it means sharing our experiences and explain where we stand.

Expressing our thoughts can also mean helping others by pointing out our likes and dislikes. This can be particularly useful for market research companies, trying to find insights to improve their way of doing business and offer better products and services to their consumers.

A good way of helping companies with their research and have an outlet to express our thoughts, is by completing online paid surveys.

These type of surveys ask users to rate products and services, offer suggestions, point out to elements we do not particularly like, or that we would actually like to remain the same. In exchange, companies offer rewards to respondents for the time they took to complete these questions, and to encourage them to continue doing so.


The way online paid surveys work is quite simple. Users register on a website and later receive emails with surveys to complete, matching the criteria of their profile (ex. age). The duration of surveys varies between 5-20 minutes, and the rewards given vary as well. These can be payments through Paypal, or vouchers to use for various websites such as Amazon, just to name a few. The amount given also varies for survey panels.

Here are a few suggestions to follow before starting:

  • It is advisable to have a separate email account to register for the surveys, as that will make it easier to keep track of the ones that have been completed, as well as to make sure to never miss a survey request.
  • Participate in many several panels, as this will increase the number of surveys to complete that you receive, thus the amount of rewards you will get for expressing your thoughts
  • Check the duration of the survey before you begin to ensure you have enough time to complete it and earn your rewards
  • At the same time, check the rewards you would earn for each survey panel and choose the ones you prefer.

So now you know! – you can share your thoughts online and get rewards in exchange



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