3 things that cannot be missing in your business


The financial crisis caused thousands of companies to fail. It is nowadays not possible anymore to simply launch a new idea and think it is going to be successful, because people don’t like to spend their money as they used to do. If you want your business to be successful, you might want to take a look at www.surveybee.se and check that these three vital elements are in place.

1. A good accountant

Running your own business implies having to deal with a number of different practicalities, and you will need to deal with them under your own responsibility. You will need to pay the bills, be it suppliers, loan repayment or more trivial expenses such as telephone and electricity.

But you will also be in charge of all fiscal obligations, and they are not going to be an easy deal. For this reason, a good accountant is essential for your business. He will become your friend, whom you must be able to trust in every situation, and who will probably help you out of most unpleasant situations. Especially if you are just starting, take your time to evaluate your alternatives and talk with each one in person to understand you’re made for each other.

2. A database system for customers

It goes without saying that your customers are your sap, the sole and only nourishment for your business. Especially if you run a small business, it is extremely important to have a complete view of who your customers are, what they expect from you and how much they profit your business. You must not hesitate to reward your most profitable customers, and be particularly cautious with the ones who cause you the highest expenses and the lowest returns. In short, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

If you don’t really feel at ease with computer and databases, you need to look for a professional programmer that can assist you and guide you through the hurdles of technology. Consider also getting some help from a marketing consultant in order to acquire a better understanding of the way your customers perceive your products or services.

3. Facebook and Linkedin profiles

In the era of Web 2.0, a company that cannot be reached by potential customers on the Internet does not exist. In particular, it is mandatory to set up professional-looking Facebook and Linkedin profiles. It is through social media that consumers really look for services they like, and it is through social media that new customers might get to know your company. Don’t even think of cutting down expenses: this is not a field you can save on. For more information on how to develop your own profile on social media, check also www.surveybee.dk

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