Investing in Greenland: gastronomic industry

Are you looking for new investment opportunities in Greenland gastronomic industry? If yes, you have come to the right place! Being a modern, industrialized country, Greenland offers a range of business opportunities. The country is geographically situated between North America and Europe, and is a natural gateway and stepping-stone between the two continents and the American and European economies and businesses.

Expats are especially rushing to Greenland with the hopes of developing within the gastronomic sector. The country has one of the most modern fleets of fishing vessels in the world today and a large industry exporting high quality seafood products to markets all over the world.

The Greenlandic Cuisine: a class of its own


Greenlandic gastronomy leaves nothing to be desired. The country has the finest ingredients and the Greenlandic kitchen is inspired by the world around us. Meat from marine mammals, game, birds and fish has been the main ingredient in Greenlandic food for generations. The high meat content in the diet provided energy and nourishment all year round for a physically demanding existence where the harsh Arctic winter could seriously tax one’s reserves of energy.

A dedicated effort has been put into developing Greenlandic cuisine to provide the rest of the gourmet world with new variants of existing dishes or entirely new dishes suitable for the quality-conscious guest.To supplement these new dishes, Greenland has also seen the birth of several microbreweries making Greenlandic beer and ales available to the Greenlandic population and the international beer market.

Opportunities within the gastronomic sector

8266150561_3941d16d19_zWhen it comes to dining, the special and traditional food products of Greenland give the world of gastronomy a whole new dimension not experienced anywhere else in the world today. Although the Greenlandic kitchen is inspired throughout the world, the country is open to trying new things. Entirely new dining experiences are waiting for anyone wanting to try a whole new range of dishes of fish, shellfish or reindeer and other wildlife like the musk oxen; or for those trying to spice up old recipes with the unique flavors of Greenland.

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