Translations without hidden cost have arrived

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Remember the good old days, where you would only pay the price the signs were listing? yeah? So do I, but that was then. Today the market, especially the translation market, is filled with hidden add-on-fees and unrealistic conditions. Unfortunately, this sad development has made the translation trade a very mistrusted field of business, which have made the consumers question the translations bureau’ real agenda. BUT WAIT! there is still hope, a new up-and-coming translation bureau, called LingoBob, has made it their mission to restore trust in the industry by being a completely transparent translation bureau.    

Translations with add-on-fees

In today’s market of the translation business it have become, more and more, common for translation companies to add extra fees for their work when billing their clients. More often than not, customers are being, more or less, hustled by the these big translation companies because the agreed price tend to rise when the bill comes. But how is this even possible you may ask? The big companies are putting hidden conditions in the Terms of Agreement document, which “legally” allows them to charge extra for work you didn’t even knew you needed, or wanted.

Translation needs transparency

According to LingoBob, it is the company’s goal to restore the declining trust in today’s translation trade among customers world wide. The up-and-coming Danish based translation bureau believes that by being a completely transparent company, trust will slowly be restored in the translation industry, which will ultimately make customers more inclined to use translation bureaus again.

There are no sudden surprises when dealing with LingoBob. When you upload a text you want translated on our easy-to-use uploading service, you will almost instantly receive an offer containing a favorable price and date of delivery. The prices we set are final, you will never receive extra billing at LingoBob, there are no hidden fees, says a spokesperson from LingoBob.

LingoBob is diffidently a “firstmover”, or at least a breeze of fresh air in a way too twenty-century thinking industry, which is in BIG need of some “fresh blood”. Now, Let us all hope that hidden fees in the future only exits in the history class and not on translations bills.

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