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Why Green Energy For Businesses?



Nowadays, the competition and mandatory prerequisites to be in the marketplace have changed tremendously. If ten years ago, having an innovative product, being good at selling it and making profits while controlling the costs were sufficient for the success, this is no longer true. Companies operating in the twenty first century have to deal with various stakeholders that include not only the traditional agents but they span to the whole community and planet. This is the reason why enterprises need to carefully consider their choices and their strategies, and evaluate the impact every alternative might have on the direct and indirect beneficiaries. Top managers need to be guided by ethical values when they make important decisions and they need to act as every good father would. Many companies are engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and set their plans according to the real benefits, not only profits, that they can derive from such actions. They are usually based on the Triple Bottom Line principle that focuses its attention on three elements: people wellness, planet sustainability and profits to be gained. It is important to be up-to-date on the latest news concerning green energy development, and you could easily do so by following

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Translations without hidden cost have arrived

Translation bureau

Remember the good old days, where you would only pay the price the signs were listing? yeah? So do I, but that was then. Today the market, especially the translation market, is filled with hidden add-on-fees and unrealistic conditions. Unfortunately, this sad development has made the translation trade a very mistrusted field of business, which have made the consumers question the translations bureau’ real agenda. BUT WAIT! there is still hope, a new up-and-coming translation bureau, called LingoBob, has made it their mission to restore trust in the industry by being a completely transparent translation bureau.    

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