What are paid surveys?

paid survey

Paid surveys are a great opportunity for students, part time workers and everybody who wishes to earn some extra cash to make good use of their free time. Online paid surveys and market research nowadays represent a brand new reality which connects people and businesses.

While market research used to be associated with unpleasant phone calls and street interviews, it experienced a great evolution thanks to modern technologies. Internet makes it possible for market research companies to reach way more people in a totally non-intrusive way.

Information on consumer behavior, tastes and opinions is extremely valuable for companies in today’s markets. For this reason, they hire market research companies to conduct surveys and studies. Research companies’ service is well paid, and this allows them to offer money and gifts to make it more interesting to participate in surveys.

How do online surveys work?

The essence of paid surveys is extremely easy. To perform their research, survey companies set up their own sites and publish their surveys. Online survey platforms like SurveyBee.net collect survey companies to give respondents easy access to them.

Upon signing to the various survey sites, respondents get the chance to receive invitations to many surveys and earn a little extra for the opinions they share. Such extra can be cash, fun gifts or participation in price draws. Of course one cannot turn rich only by participating in surveys, but it can easily become a very exciting and rewarding hobby.

A user would in fact usually get several invitations per month. Since each online survey generally takes 10-20 minutes to be completed, it is easy to save some extra cash. Through online survey platforms respondents get access to several survey sites, thus maximizing their chances to be invited to surveys closer to their interests, and to the most rewarding ones.

Who can I trust when I deal with online surveys?

Online survey platforms¬†represent a warranty of safety for users, that don’t need to personally look for safe survey sites. Platforms are also useful to survey companies, which can focus on their content while leaving the task of reaching the target segments to the platforms. This cooperation shields users from a number of risks.

It is common to find sites that disguise themselves for survey companies and ask for compensation for participating in the surveys. Legitimate survey companies earn by providing businesses with data on customers’ opinions and preferences. For this reason, they never ask for money, but rather pay for people’s help.

It is also important to be cautious about the way sites offer to pay. Legitimate online survey sites usually offer payment through PayPal or other safe circuits. Don’t trust sites that offer to pay with jackpot points or participation in gambling games.

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