Pros and cons of working at home

For many people work at home can sound like a dream come true, when there is no boss around and you can work in a way you like. However, reality might be slightly different. Sometimes it is even more challenging and complicated activity. So, there are some pros and cons regarding work at home.


  • It can be more productive. You would not be bothered by other colleagues around you, you choose who you want to talk with.

  • You can save money regarding expenses for transport to work, lunch breaks.


  • More flexible schedule. You are the boss for your own, you have a choice to decide when, how long and often you want to work. You don’t have to go to a distant office in another side of the city every morning. You can choose holidays according only to your wishes, not to anybody’s else. You can take a break and go for a walk whenever you want without a permission from somebody.

  • Money you earn is yours and only yours (except for the cases if somebody helps you), you don’t have to share them with other office employees. For example, by doing the online surveys, you can easily choose how many of them you want to do.

  • You can create your work place in a way you want. In the office you would not be able to choose pretty furniture or the equipment.


  • Although it can seem that work at home can help to pay less taxes, it is not truth. Of course, it depends on a business you work in, but state taxes for individual services are pretty high.

  • Work at home might be associated with comfort and that may complicate the situation. It might become difficult to concentrate while working at home because you might want to go to the fridge, make a cup of coffee, take a nap, turn on TV or find other extrinsic activities. When you are in an office, you don’t have another choice- you just have to focus no matter what.

  • Other people might be not aware that work at home is a serious work. It means that they would not mind to call you or visit because they would think you can postpone your tasks.


  • Endless chores. You might find many things to do when you spend a lot of time at home.

  • You are the only one responsible to have the clients. If you don’t care about them or don’t try to find new ones, most likely they will not come by themselves, especially at the beginning. So, there is no guarantee to have the clients, what leads to the fact that there is no guarantee for the income.

  • Lack of social life- especially if you don’t have a family and live alone.

In conclusion, it depends on a person individually. One can find more advantages than others and that is totally fine, as long as it is good for a person.


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