Tips to Build Your Green Home


Eco-homes? Mention this name some years ago and just a very few people would recognize the potential in this method. Building an eco-home was not as easy as adding some greens to your front yard garden. And to go through all that trouble just for the sake of the environment? But now building a green home is easier than ever with the use of eco-friendly materials and products.

And not just that. It will also be easier after you will read our list of helpful tips on how to build your green home with the use of these quick and efficient methods.

1. Avoid West-facing Construction

Although this may not seem like an issue at first, not taking that into consideration can bring some harm to your eco-home. Remember that when you build your home facing West, you expose your home to the maximum amount of sun rays throughout the day. Avoiding such construction minimizes sun exposure and helps keep the home cool.

2. Use Structural Insulated Panels for Construction

Structural Insulated Panels or SIPS is a composite building material. These are very efficient, lightweight and structurally sound so whenever making decisions on which type of building material you would rather use, SIPS would be a clear choice for a spot-on eco-home.

3. Select Environmentally Friendly Materials

Remember to use low-VOC or no-VOC stains and varnishes. Some of the most harmful chemicals found in paint are VOCs or┬ávolatile organic compounds. Don’t be afraid to take a deep breath in your own home and get rid of them immediately!

4. Avoid Cabinetry and Fixtures Containing Chemicals

Search for cabinetry and fixtures with no formaldehyde, heavy metals and dyes.

5. Insulate Home Properly

We can’t stress enough how important is this. Proper insulation reduces energy consumption in every weather.

6. Use Energy Star Windows and Appliances

Do you take notice to those little stickers on the products when shopping for a new refrigerator, hot water heaters, clothes dryers and other appliances? If you don’t, you definitely should. Investing in a low energy consumption appliances goes a long way in an eco-houses. Remember that you can also invest in low water consumption toilets, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers.

7. Green HVAC

Thing about investing in a geothermal heat pump, radiant floor heating or Energy Star HVAC system. In case you wonder that HVAC is, it’s an abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning.

8. Optimize for Solar Power

Install solar panels on the roof. Going solar has all kinds of benefits!

9. Ventilate the Attic

This is a great solution to lower the cooling costs by preventing of building up the heat.

10. Use eco-friendly Lighting

When designing or re-designing a home, this is definitely something worth considering. Optimizing sunlight with lots of windows and supplementing with LED certified light fixtures can save you a lot on a monthly bill. And it looks great too!

11. Monitor your Energy Use

Some research suggest that monitoring your energy use can save up to 20% on the utility bills.

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