Become visible only by using SEO

The road to success for a business today very much depends on how to perform at the online platforms, especially Google. But can you be visible for the needed number of customers only by using SEO on your website? The short answer is “YES”.

We can tell a lot of things about the technical aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), but we find it much stronger to show you an example of a business that has had good success on Google using nothing but the tools of SEO – and it is still developing.


Sports-Quiz is a non-profit project started by a couple of guys who wanted to create an online sports quiz, where fellow sports nerds could battle each other in sports trivia.

The hard challenge for the founders of the website was that they did not just want to brand it in their own country Denmark. They aimed for a wide appeal choosing to focus on some of the sports that attract the interest of many people around the world: Soccer, football (NFL), basketball and ice hockey.

AND since the budgets were low, SEO was the only way to attract the attention. Here is a short description of the work done on the website, and the result they have reached so far.

Text and titles

Good and relevant content written with respect for SEO is a main priority. The website contains a lot of good text describing how to play the sports quiz, which sports you can compete in and so on. At each of these texts, a strong meta title accompanies it. This title shall tell Google what they can find on the given site, and if that is in harmony with the content, Google will be happy. This is the key focus in on-site SEO.

Solid linkbuilding

In addition to on-site SEO, the people behind the website focused on linkbuilding. If a lot of other websites has a link to your webiste, it means that more people find your site relevant. Here Sports-Quiz has managed to get a lot of links from other sites – for example by using the channels of social media.

Result after 3 months

Focusing on “all the world” made it difficult to predict where the first breakthrough would potentially come, and the people of Sports-Quiz were quite surprised with the result. As NFL, basketball and ice hockey are primarily for the North American countries, especially United States, they thought this would probably be the main target.

However, it became the Brazilians who were the first to really locate the website. The competition in United States makes it difficult to get good rankings on Google quickly, but apparently the texts on the site created outstanding rankings in Brazil.

When searching for “Sports quiz” on Google in the South American country, the website comes up as number 3 right now, which means about 40-50 visitors every day. With the World Cup hosted in Brazil this summer coming up, who knows how this project will develop. One thing is for sure: Good SEO can do it alone if performed correctly.

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