Strengthen the culture of the company

Travel to greenland

The last few decades corporate culture have become increasingly important for a company’s position on the market. It is no longer enough that a product has certain features, the brand behind the product is equally important. Hence it is important for management to build the culture behind the products, which however can cause some challenges. It is important to have a strong culture in the company, that the employees is supporting the strategy and vision behind the company. A company trip to for example Greenland, could be a good opportunity to strengthen the culture of the company. 

The importance of culture

With the internet everyone knows everything, whereby the public also knows what is going on behind the scenes. With the new technologies and different media options there is almost no knowledge kept secret anymore. A consequence of this is that the actions of the employees can have impact on the company’s image. It is important that the company walks the talk, which also includes what the employees do. If the company is marketing itself on animal welfare, this message would backfire if it would be known to the public that one or a few of the employees was participating in for example dog fighting.

For the employees to understand the vision and mission behind a company’s management, it is not enough for them only to read a piece of paper. It is crucial that the employees live the brand, get the statements under their skin. For this to be a reality, you, as a manager, need to work hard. A few emails will not do the work for you.

What to do

First of all it is extremely important that the managers in the company themselves walk the talk. One-way communication will not get them any where. It is important that you go into dialogue with the employees, and that you are ready to modify some of the statements in cooperation with the them. Doing this will give them a feeling of ownership of the company’s vision, and hence it will be easier to implement.

Furthermore it is important that there is a good tone and relationship in the company, which is why a kind of study trip for the whole firm could be a good idea. Of course it gets more difficult when the bigger the company, but the idea to do something for your employees, can be very fruitful. Greenland is a unique place, which opens up for extreme experiences, not possible anywhere else in the world. Because of this, the unique and exceptional experiences will be a powerful tool in bringing the employees together.

Greenland is magnificent.




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