Tips to Build Your Green Home


Eco-homes? Mention this name some years ago and just a very few people would recognize the potential in this method. Building an eco-home was not as easy as adding some greens to your front yard garden. And to go through all that trouble just for the sake of the environment? But now building a green home is easier than ever with the use of eco-friendly materials and products.

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Great stories behind common objects: the Cash Register

When thinking about cash register excitment is probably not the first adjective that would come up. Other definition such as reliability, safeness and efficiency are more likely to be associated with cash register. But as most things in the world, appearances can be deceptive.

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Become visible only by using SEO

The road to success for a business today very much depends on how to perform at the online platforms, especially Google. But can you be visible for the needed number of customers only by using SEO on your website? The short answer is “YES”.

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Strengthen the culture of the company

Travel to greenland

The last few decades corporate culture have become increasingly important for a company’s position on the market. It is no longer enough that a product has certain features, the brand behind the product is equally important. Hence it is important for management to build the culture behind the products, which however can cause some challenges. It is important to have a strong culture in the company, that the employees is supporting the strategy and vision behind the company. A company trip to for example Greenland, could be a good opportunity to strengthen the culture of the company. 

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Customer loyalty in your company

Business town with customers

Many companies and managers often forget the importance of customer loyalty. Recently there have been a strong emphasis in the business world on innovation, both in products, but also regarding reaching new markets, which for the record there is nothing wrong with. But what can be a problem is, if managers and marketers forgets the importance of customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is not an easy discipline, which is why you need to think it into your strategy from the beginning. Jeppe Lau Hansen offers one view on how to make customers loyal to your company. 

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The importance of change

En god leder, håndtryk, erhverv

The world we live in is fast and ever changing, hence the society in which corporations and firm operate in is thus also changing. The new terms that the new society structure have created, requires the companies to be adjustable to new tendencies. This is a bigger challenge for some than others, which is why it can be fruitful for an organization to use different management tools, to optimize the change.  

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